Addictions (SUD) Treatment

Substance Use Disorder Treatment at Lynn Community Health Center

At LCHC, our staff is trained in the biological and social causes of substance use disorder (SUD), and we rely on the lived experience of our peer recovery coaches and our patients to guide our program development. You will receive respectful, compassionate support for the medical, behavioral (including medication), and social needs that are unique to individuals with SUD.

Services available for patients with SUD & in recovery:

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Group therapy with your peers
  • Individual therapy and behavioral medication as needed
  • Support with social needs (housing, etc)
  • Peer recovery coaching

Your recovery program will be designed around your unique situation and needs. You are worthy of respect and support on this journey.

For information or to schedule an appointment, please call 781-780-4555.

Medication for Addiction Treatment (MAT)

Medication for Addiction Treatment, or Pharmacotherapy, is the use of medications in combination with other behavioral and support services to provide safe and effective treatment of substance use disorders. There are several different kinds of medications that can be used; your providers will work closely with you to determine the best medication for you.

To learn more, talk to your primary care doctor or call 781-780-4555.


is a mixed opioid agonist–antagonist that displaces full receptor agonists like heroin and methadone and stays on the receptor a long time to block heroin, methadone and other opioids from binding to those receptors. Because buprenorphine both stimulates the opioid receptors in the brain, and at the same time blocks the receptors from being activated, this helps alleviate cravings and withdrawal symptoms making it easier to refrain from using. Sublingual buprenorphine is available on all primary care teams at LCHC. Buprenorphine also comes in a long-acting injectable form that is currently available on specific teams at the health center.


is an antagonist that binds to and blocks the opioid receptors in the brain. Naltrexone can reduce the likelihood of use because the individual won’t be able to experience the drug effects and is less likely to try using the drug. Naltrexone comes in a pill and monthly injectable form. The extended-release injectable naltrexone is approved and effective for both opioid and alcohol use disorders.


is a full opioid agonist that binds to and activates the receptors in the brain to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings when someone stops using a drug. LCHC does not prescribe methadone at this time, but we can help refer patients if they would prefer this medication or have chronic pain that is unable to be controlled with buprenorphine or non-opioid medications. We also offer medications for alcohol, nicotine and other substance use disorders.

Needle Exchange and Narcan

Narcan (Naloxone) is a life-saving medication that can reverse an opioid overdose. It is administered as a nasal spray. A community health worker can teach you how to use the Narcan and supply you with a kit (2 doses per kit). It is free and confidential.
Free and confidential needle exchange is available on the Pearl Team. The team offers clean syringes, supplies for safe injection, and access to Narcan.

You do not need to be enrolled in SUD treatment at LCHC to use our Narcan or needle exchange services.

For more information or to arrange a pickup, please call our confidential phone line: 781-715-6237.