Recuperative Care Center: Medical Respite

The Recuperative Care Center provides short-term, residential care to people who are homeless and sick, but not sick enough to be in a hospital.

This program provides guests with much-needed care at a critical time in their rehabilitation, and an alternative to trying to recuperate on the streets. The Center staff will identify clients who are unconnected to care and have a history of multiple emergency department visits. By coordinating medical care, short-term residential care, and other services, the RCC provides a vital service to support medically and psychiatrically complex homeless adults.

FOR MORE INFO CALL: 781-691-9486

Empowering patients to live safe and self-directed lives

The RCC’s Street Outreach program “goes to the people”! We work closely with organizations like My Brother’s Table to identify and support those who need our services. Our team holds clinic hours at My Brother’s Table.

FOR MORE INFO CALL: 781-691-9486

RCC offers walk-in services including:

  • Shower
  • Clinical Care
  • Case Management
  • Toiletries

Collaborating Organizations:

  • Lynn Community Health Center
  • Lifebridge
  • Lynn Health Task Force
  • Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless
  • My Brother’s Table
  • Partners Healthcare
  • North Shore Medical Center

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FAQ’s for RCC

What is the RCC?

The RCC is a medical respite facility. We provide short term medical and recuperative care services to men and women in the Lynn area who do not require hospital level of care but are too sick to tolerate the stress of life in shelters or on the street. The average length of stay is two weeks. The RCC program uses an integrated care model with community members.

What services are offered at the RCC?

Guests that are staying at the RCC will be seen by a team that includes medical providers and case managers. Guests will be seen by a medical provider each day and assigned a case manager. There is 24/7 staff coverage. There are also behavioral services, support groups, health education, discharge planning, benefits management, and housing case management. Guests are provided all meals.

Does the RCC accept guests that are on methadone?

If a guest is taking methadone for a substance use disorder, he/she must be enrolled in a methadone treatment program in which they are able to set up transportation to and from the treatment program. We require the confirmation form and a last dose letter be completed by the referring agency for all guests on MAT.

What are the main criteria for patients to receive care at the RCC?

A guest must have an acute medical problem and be medically and psychiatrically stable to be managed in a group setting. Guests must need short term care and be independent with ADL’s. Guest must be able to ambulate independently (may use adaptive equipment). Guests must have a tie to the Lynn area.

Can the RCC accept a patient on IV antibiotics?

The RCC program does not have medical staff on site 24/7 and therefore we are unable to accept guests on IV medications.

What is the referral process like?

  • Guests are admitted Monday-Thursday between 9A-2P from hospitals, shelters, and clinics. Guests cannot self-refer.
  • If you are making a referral from either a medical or non-medical site, please complete the referral form along with the two way release of information
  • The RCC program team will review the referral Monday -Friday and determine if guest is eligible for RCC services
  • An acceptance or denial form will be sent to referring party

How and when can we call the RCC?

For any further information you may call 781-691-9486 to speak with a member of the LCHC Medical Team