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Due to unprecedented staffing challenges, Urgent Care is experiencing longer than usual wait times. 


The COVID-19 vaccines continue to be the best protection against the COVID-19 virus.

  • Vaccinations are available for anyone 6 months or older (COVID-19 Vaccines for Children – FAQ’s below)
  • Boosters are available for anyone 5 years or older
  • LCHC patients can call 781-581-3900 to schedule an appointment

COVID-19 vaccinations are free. We will ask for your insurance information, but you will not be charged. If you don’t have insurance, we can help!

Government Guidance
Vaccination Options

What do I need to bring to get vaccinated?

  • Note: Lack of driver’s license, social security number, or insurance is not a barrier to receiving the vaccine.
  • A government-issued identification or license, employer-issued ID card that includes your name and title
    Health Insurance card
  • To save time when you arrive for your appointment, complete and bring copies of the two (2) forms
  • If you cannot download and print these forms, they will be supplied to you upon arrival!

What do I need to know about vaccinations for under 18 year old’s?

If the patient is between 6 months and 17 years old, they must be accompanied by a guardian. If you are age 16 or 17 and you are unable to bring someone with you, we will accept written permission.

We cannot currently accept patients age 6 months – 15 years old without a guardian present.

What if I need transportation assistance?

If you have insurance through MassHealth, you can get help with transportation to your COVID-19 vaccine appointment, even if you don’t usually receive transportation assistance to regular doctor’s appointments. You qualify if you use one of these services:

  • MassHealth Limited, MassHealth Family Assistance, the Children’s Medical Health Safety Net.
  • Members with MassHealth Standard, CommonHealth and CarePlus can also get transportation to vaccine appointments, as well as other medical appointments, through MassHealth.
  • Those enrolled in a Senior Care Option or OneCare plan, or PACE, should continue to use the transportation services offered by their managed care provider.
  • Please call 1-800-841-2900 to schedule your transportation to your vaccine appointment.
  • If you normally get help with transportation to doctor’s appointments, the most common and fastest way to get approval is to contact your health care provider and have them submit a transportation request for you.

Learn about the COVID-19 Vaccine

Hear from Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Linda Galligani and Michelle Welch.

“The COVID-19 vaccine is the best protection and has been shown to decrease hospitalizations and severe illness in kids if they’re exposed to COVID-19.”

COVID-19 vaccination for children

We know parents and caregivers have questions and want more information. Here’s what you need to know.

COVID-19 vaccines are available for children ages 6 months and older. We are excited to offer vaccines at our LCHC locations to help protect children against COVID-19. Getting children vaccinated against COVID-19 can help keep them from getting really sick if they get COVID-19. Vaccinating children can also help relieve the strain on families by providing greater confidence in children participating in childcare, school, and other activities.

Call 781-581-3900 to schedule your child’s COVID-19 vaccine today.

Children of all ages can get very sick from COVID-19.
Children can get infected with COVID-19, get very sick, suffer short- and long-term health complications, and spread COVID-19 to others.

“At Lynn Community Health Center, we have seen a range of symptoms from very mild to serious illness in children infected with COVID-19. In some cases, children infected with COVID-19 even require hospitalization. That’s why we recommend COVID-19 vaccination for all children ages 6 months and older to help reduce your child’s risk of severe illness from COVID-19, says Michelle Welch PNP/Vaccine Program Lead.

COVID-19 vaccination is safe and effective for children.
COVID-19 vaccination has been studied carefully in children. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the expert panel that works with them have reviewed the data from clinical trials. Through ongoing safety monitoring, vaccination for children continues to be safe and effective. Here are some important points about COVID-19 vaccination for children:

  • COVID-19 vaccine dosage is based on age on the day of vaccination, not by size or weight. Children get an age-appropriate dose that is the right amount for them.
  • The safety of COVID-19 vaccine continues to be monitored. Serious health events, including severe allergic reactions and myocarditis and pericarditis, after COVID-19 vaccination are rare.
  • The benefits of COVID-19 vaccination for children outweigh the risks and potential serious complications of getting infected with COVID-19.

Side effects may occur and are mild and temporary.
Your child may have some side effects after getting vaccinated. These are normal and usually go away in a few days. Some common side effects are

  • Pain, redness, or swelling at the injection site
  • Tiredness
  • Headache
  • Muscle pain, chills, or fever
  • Irritability or crying
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever

Some children will have no side effects and serious reactions are rare. If your child experiences a severe allergic reaction after getting a COVID-19 vaccine, we are ready to respond. Most of the time, the only things your child might need after vaccination is rest, a non-aspirin pain reliever, and a cool washcloth at the injection site. Contact us if you need more information about treating potential side effects.

After vaccination, enroll your child in v-safe, which provides personalized and confidential health check-ins to share how your child feels.

Call 781-581-3900 to schedule your child’s COVID-19 vaccine today.

July 22, 2021 was our last day at the Lynn Tech Vaccine Site!

THANK YOU to all our staff and incredible volunteers who made this happen for the last 7 months. We gave over 70,200 shots of Moderna, Pfizer, AND the J&J vaccines at this location alone, which doesn’t include LCHC’s main site or mobile clinics, or City Hall! Words can’t express how proud we were to run this special program in partnership with the City of Lynn and MGB Salem.

COVID-19 Testing in Lynn

At LCHC, self-test kits are available for patients to pick up at all LCHC locations. If a symptomatic patient has an appointment, point of care rapid antigen testing will be performed. PCR Tests may be collected at the clinical team’s discretion.

Please note:

  • Being tested with Curative lessens the likelihood of a bill, but we cannot guarantee that there will be no bill.
  • Charges may vary based on insurance status, the state they reside in, and other factors.
Government Guidance
Get Medication for COVID-19
COVID Medication


Access Site Management Type of COVID-19 Test Location
Curative Testing Curative PCR Test 50 Blake Street
Walk up testing
Cataldo Ambulance Cataldo PCR Test 300 Broad St., Parking lot of NSCC
Walk up testing
Normal Hours: Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday:
11 AM – 7 PMBooking Link:
Self-Testing Kits LCHC Rapid Antigen Test LCHC 269 Atrium or Teams

Curative Testing Customer Support Line:  888-702-9042  

This line can be used for any patient who is visually impaired or does not have access to email/text. In addition, care team members may use this with patients if the patient does not have access to their results.

Search for other testing locations: Find A Covid-19 Test Site

Beginning Friday, April 1st, LCHC is no longer be operating as a Stop the Spread (STS) site. As a reminder, the Stop the Spread testing initiative was created by the Baker-Polito Administration in the earliest days of the pandemic, to respond rapidly to the significant surge in COVID-19 positive cases. For almost two years, this program enabled LCHC to provide PCR COVID tests free of charge to all MA residents.

COVID-19 Treatment (“Therapeutics”) in Lynn

We offer oral medications for COVID-19.  Treatment with monoclonal antibody is also available locally in Everett.  This treatment is an IV infusion that can be given to those with COVID-19 who are at high risk of developing severe symptoms, within 7 days of onset (remember, the oral therapy is from 5 days of onset).

A link to local pharmacies that carry oral medication and/or monoclonal antibody is here:

Besides LCHC, there are now four facilities (3 CVS pharmacies and Walmart) in Lynn currently with oral therapeutics.

Government Guidance

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